Jose Rosello
Software Developer - Web Designer


Author next to Rothko's No. 3/No. 13, unsuitable for web color schemes

My name is Jose Rosello. I'm a software developer by day, web designer by night, and all around music and visual arts fan based in New York, NY. In the past, I have:

  • Brought joy to clients big and small
  • Built web applications from scratch
  • Maintained web applications in frameworks and languages unfamiliar
  • Worked with small services in cool languages du jour
  • Worked with massive untested codebases in uncool languages of ye olde
  • Written, optimized, and diagnosed a lot of SQL queries
  • Stared at heap/thread dumps for too long

Please reach out if you want to discuss any technical problems you're facing.

To see some past problems I've worked on, check out my full PDF resume here.

Recent Work